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Roger sees Red IPA

Roger our co-founder loves a good bold Hoppy Red Ale.  Roger also loves his mighty West Coast Eagles so when the mighty Eagles lost the AFL Grand Final in spectacular fashion to the Hawks this year Roger saw Red!

We felt it was only appropriate the second edition of our 2015 Founder’s Reserve range of brews was in honour of Roger our co-founder so we pico-brewed him up a lovely hoppy red ale with lots of big bold dank and resinous Crosby Idaho #6 Experimental Hops from start to finish and a good strong double dry hopping as well for good measure.  If you like Roger love a big bold Hoppy Red Ale you might like to have a crack at this recipe in your brewhouse or some other earlier hits like Russell’s Sunset Red IPA  or can sit back Hoppy Red Ale in hand and watch Dave & Doug talk about brewing and malting the specialty limited release Mountain Goat India Red Ale which we have on good authority is coming soon again ….yipee….only on tap so stay tuned as this beer was in the top 10 Aussie craft beers on in the year of release and won a silver medal in class 10D Other IPA @AIBA2014.

So on with the show and recipe…here you go Roger – have a Hoppy Red Ale and cheer up – there’s always next year mate for the Eagles 🙂


14.B American IPA – A dark, intensely bitter, medium-bodied American IPA.


  • OG/FG/IBU 1.058 / 1.0145 / 65
  • SRM 39
  • ABV 5.7%
  • Water: 14.12 L Water Batch Size: 9.46 L (picobrew – double everything for 19L brew length)

Malt Bill:


Type                  Amount (g)    Alpha Acid %      Time

Crosby Idaho #6       20                                   10.3                             60 mins

Crosby Idaho #6       10                                    10.3                             15 mins

Crosby Idaho #6       10                                    10.3                             10 mins

Crosby Idaho #6       10                                    10.3                               5 mins


3g of Irish Moss 10 mins remaining on the boil

Water Amendments

  • Calcium Sulfate 0.5 tsp
  • Calcium Chloride 0.5 tsp

Mash               Type                    Temp (C)            Time                                          Style

Single Step    Infusion Mash   66.7 degrees C  90 mins (includes ramp up) Infusion


  • 60 mins


Name                                   Expected AA%          Range Temp (C)        Pitch Temp (C)
Danstar Nottingham           75                                 16.7 – 23.3                   20

You could also use any of the following fine liquid GigaYeast strains:

GigaYeast British Ale #1 GY011

GigaYeast NorCal Ale #1 GY001

GigaYeast Vermont IPA GY054

Fermentation Directions

  • Normal Ale Fermentation
  • Start at 18 C and let free ride up to 20 C and keep temperature consistent for 7-10 Days before starting dry hop at end of primary ferment

Double Dry Hopping:

Type                  Amount (g/L)    Alpha Acid %      Contact Time

  1. Crosby Idaho #6       2                                        10.3                             72 hour
  2. Crosby Idaho #6       2                                        10.3                             72 hours

Fermentation Directions

  • Crash chill after double dry hop to 0-2 C for 48 hours before kegging or bottling – Prost!

Roger see Red IPA

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The Grim RRIPA – an almost bloody Red Rye IPA

Grim RRIPA Sunset

There is a wonderful red sunset out tonight – fire red across the sky and the autumn ivy was red as red earlier in the month.  The leaves on the apple trees have fallen, the buds are appearing and the winter thaw is about to set in.  You turn your thoughts to thinks dark and grim in winter months and there is nothing more grim than ‘the grim RRIPA’.   Everyone will one day see the man with the scythe come to take them away and if its anything like Monty Python in ‘the Meaning of Life’ hopefully not after a good dinner party with great home brewed or craft beer spoiled by the Salmon Mousse!!! Oh dear, I shouldn’t have used the tinned Salmon dear, oh deah! Yeah!

Salmon Mousse

Well the R-RIPA with his Sycthe is a man or woman who cuts some pretty mean grains that we all need to brew some pretty mean brews so here is what I knocked up on a long Queens Birthday weekend while Queenie was enjoying tea and cucumber sandwiches in her castle and walking the corgies around the gardens – smashing!  Oh and PS I might have also put down a Metheglin Honey Apple Mead working title “Katie Pie” for my Queen to be shared at a later date for any honey lovers 🙂 – cheers Stu for the Orange Blossom Honey, Michael @Moonlight Mead for the recipe for Kurt’s Apple Pie and let’s just see how that turns out before we post that recipe!

Gladfield Malt Bill



Mash & Boil & Ferment:

  • Mash for 60 mins @ 69 degrees Celsius for a beer with body.
  • Boil for 90 mins with Hop additions from 60 mins as per the time guidance.
  • wYeast nutrient & Brewbite in the kettle @ 10 mins.
  • Chilled and started ferment @18C on a rising tide to 20C.
  • Racked into secondary glass carboy and dry hopped at rate of 3g/L with 50g of Nugget for 3 days.

Brew Stats: take with many pinches of salt

Actual 1.066 OG
Target 1.007 FG 1.014 @Racking
60 IBU (and some I think)
11   SRM
5.7% ABV
IMG_20150820_210127 IMAG0137 IMAG0138 IMAG0139 IMAG0144 IMAG0314 IMAG0315 IMAG0316 IMAG0317 IMAG0318
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Catch you in the RYE! Gladfield Rye Malt is here! NEW LIMITED RELEASE!!!

BeerCoAu and Gladfield Malt are very pleased to announce the release of the limited release Gladfield RYE malt as Gladfield Malt next development in craft malting. Gladfield Rye Malt is grown on the lush Canterbury plains of New Zealand alongside all other quality Gladfield Craft Malt.

Traditional brewing ingredients such as Rye offer the brewer the ability to add a unique element to a modern beer style such as the ever popular RIPA. or RRIPA – the Rye IPA or Red Rye IPA!

Brewers please note that Rye does not have a husk and is high in beta-glucan, so it can create a stuck mash if added in excessive amounts without adjuncts such as rice hulls to assist the mash conversion.  Used carefully you will find that Gladfield Rye Malt gives you the edge you need to create a memorable beer for friends to enjoy. When you chose Gladfield Rye Malt think ‘balance with complexity.’

Tradition has long fueled innovation in the craft beer community from ancient ales through to modern takes on old styles.  Rye was a traditional ingredient popular in Bavaria before the German Beer Purity Law of 1516, the Reinheitsgebot, that declared only malted barley, hops and water were permissible as brewing ingredients in beer (the significant role of yeast was still unknown).

The prominent style of rye beer in Bavaria prior to the enforcement of this law was Roggenbier, literally ‘rye beer,’ with its grainy and spicy flavours, and naturally unfiltered, cloudy appearance. Rye was also the key ingredient in the Finnish ‘Sahti’ beer which was flavoured with juniper berries.
Rye malt is a versatile adjunct (addition) that offers brewers scope for developing complex and balanced new beers. Although typically only used as a small percentage of the grain bill, Rye malt is not a shy ingredient and brings its own unique personality to your beer, working in harmony with other malts and hops.

When included in a brew, rye lends many iconic characteristics that can contribute to brewing a memorable beer. Flavours such as grainy, spicy, earthy and dry, are prominent when a rye component is added. Rye also adds colour to the beer ranging from straw, through copper to dark brown. A rye addition also adds body and mouth feel to your beer.

We intend to share some recipes brewed by us and you using Gladfield Rye Malt over time so stay tuned.  In the meantime to get you started if you want to make a RRIPA – Red Rye IPA – here is a grain bill and rough and ready home brewing recipe to get you started …feedback and builds/edits always welcome – brew malty, hoppy, yeasty and happy 🙂

Catcher in the Red Rye IPA – BeerCo Recipe

Gladfield Malt Bill % & Kg

38%  2.25 Gladfield American Ale Malt
33%  2.00 Gladfield Vienna Malt
10%  0.60 Gladfield Rye Malt
10%  0.60 Gladfield Shepherds Delight Malt
4%    0.25 Gladfield Light Crystal Malt
4%    0.25 Gladfield Aurora Malt
1%     0.05 Gladfield Light Chocolate Malt
100% 6.00kg



0.75 Whirlfloc @ 10 min.  or Irish Moss 1/2 tab
0.50 tsp Yeast Nutrient @ 10 min.




Fermentis Safale US-05 or Danstar BRY-97 West Coast Ale Yeast

Water Profile

Profile: Adjust your local water profile to reflect WA, USA or Hoppy IPAs

Mash & Fermentation Schedule

1. Mash in at 145 °F (63 °C) then ramp temperature to 152 °F (67 °C) for conversion. Mash out to 170 °F (77 °C).
2. Boil for 90 minutes, adding hops at the times indicated in the ingredient list.
3. Boil wort for 90 minutes, adding hops at times indicated.
4. Whirlpool the wort and let it sit for 15 minutes prior to cooling. Chill wort and transfer to fermenter. Aerate well and pitch sediment from yeast starter.
5. Ferment at 68 °F (20 °C). At end of fermentation, dry hop and hold warm for 3 days, then chill to 34 °F (1.1 °C) and age for a week.

Sources: and

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Red Sunset IPA

Recipe by: Russell Carpenter – Red Sunset IPA @paradoxbeerlab

Russell Carpenter @Paradoxbeerlab and local president of Righteous Brewers Townsville and helping hand at Home Brewers Warehouse in Townsville shares with our readers his Red Sunset IPA recipe – Thx Russell 🙂

Brew Method:  HERMS

Batch Size:  (liters)   Target:  19L
Est. Boil Size:  (liters) 29.5L

Gladfield Malt Bill

4.00 Kg Gladfield Ale 61%
1.00 Kg Gladfield Munich 15%
0.50 Kg Gladfield Light Crystal 8%
0.40 Kg Gladfield Red Back 6%
0.30 Kg Gladfield Shepherds Delight 5%
0.40 Kg Dextrose 6%

6.60 Kg Total 100%


  1. 20g Chinook AA 13%@ FWH 60 mins
  2. 60g Cascade AA 5.5% @ flame out, Whirlpool/Steep 10 mins
  3. 60g Centennial AA 10% @ flameout, Whirlpool/Steep 10 mins
  4. 60g Chinook AA 13% @ flame out, Whirlpool/Steep 10 mins


Wyeast 1272 – American Ale II

You could easily use any of the following US Style Yeasts:

Boil Time:  (minutes) 60 mins
Original Gravity: 1.075
Final Gravity: 1.018
ABV: 7.50%
IBU: 81
SRM: 19.3


Single Infusion
1) Temp:  64.4C Time: 75 mins Amount:  20L
2) Mash Out: 77C Time: 60 mins




1 tsp CaSO4


1 tsp yeast nutrient @ 15 mins
1 tsp BrewBrite @ 15 mins

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Hop Frog Garden Pale Ale

Time to brew another garden grown fresh (or almost fresh – snap frozen) Hoppy Pale Ale with some first year old #WeFo Cascade whole hop cones at flame out.

Gladfield Malt Bill

  • 4.5 Kg Gladfield Ale Malt (78%)
  • 0.5 Kg Gladfield Wheat Malt (9%)
  • 0.25 Kg Gladfield Biscuit Malt (4%)
  • 0.25 Kg Gladfield Red Back Malt (4%)
  • 0.25 Kg Gladfield Light Crystal Malt (4%)


  • 20g East Kent Goldings 2013 4.6% A/A @75 mins
  • 20g Centennial 2013 8.2% A/A @75 mins
  • 20g East Kent Goldings 2013 4.6% A/A @10 mins
  • 20g Centennial 2013 8.2% A/A @10 mins
  • 70g Cascade 2014 ??? A/A Whole Hop Cones @0 mins (flame out)


  • Fermentis Safale US-05


  • 5g Calcium Sulphate and 5g Calcium Chloride in the Mash Water.


  • Planned for an infusion Mash @64 degrees Celsius with 18L of Water and Sparge with 16L to hit a combined wort in the kettle of 26L.


Got off to a flying start on Sun 13th July with Malt (aka Mazzy – age 5 ) & Hop (aka Lola – age 3) assisting Dad with milling the malt into a new malt catcher using the trusty Chinese Barley Crusher.  Many huffs and puffs later – might use the drill next time we were off to mash into the Rubbermaid esky/chilly bin.  The Crown Urn had brought the water to strike temperature at 75C but I lost a good 15C by the time I empty into the Rubbermaid (lost 5C) and then added grain (lost 10C) so starting mashing (step style) at 60C before adding additional hot water to lift it to 64C with a few lid lifts and stirs to keep me occupied.
Sparging was going really well right up unto the point I realised I had the Urn tap on and was pouring valuable first wort through the deck on hallowed soil below – arrggghh!!! When will I learn the error of my ways.  Continued to sparge until clear runnings and 26L in the Crown Urn. With the heat cut out switch removed (thx Graeme @Crown Industries) I was able to get to boil and hold it (only vigorously with lid on though) and hit all my timings on hop additions including the whole Cascade hop cones at flame out.  Immersion chilled the brew and racked off to 28C and pitched yeast before transfer to fridge in the shed for rapid chilling to 18C with some ice packs and fridge on full bore.  Was down to 18C by night fall and have since adjusted the Keg King temp controller for 18C primary fermentation.

Cleaned up wrapped up and enjoyed a tub, scrub and couple of delightful Belgium Misfits from @Boatrocker – a truly top drop at the end of an every improving slowly brew day!

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Siberian Tiger & Tigress – Baltic Porter

Born on Sun 9 March 2014:

With autumn and winter coming around the corner not to mention the Westgate Brewers Baltic Porter comp. in May I decided it was time to turn my hand to a style I have wanted to brew for a long time and one that would showcase Gladfield Malt in all its glory and pay respect to an endangered animal I much admire – the Siberian Tiger. Having watched a film on the flight home with Mazzy on a crazy Korean who camped out for 5 years to film Siberian Tigers only to see all of them shot over the course of his camping by poachers I thought who better to be the figure head for this wonderful style of Porter originally brewed with a lager yeast in cold conditions with high abv for a journey from London to the Baltic States.

Mining the wonderful world of the Tinternet I stumbled across and a wealth of good recipes some of which recommended an Irish Ale Wyeast so why not break with brewing convention. I adapted, tweaked and put my own flavour on the grain bill and a moderate hop regime. Ingredients below:

Gladfield Malt Bill (Kg)


  • Northern Brewer & Magnum
  • 25g Northern Brewer A/A 10.6% & 15g Magnum A/A 14.4% at start of boil
  • 15g Northern Brewer @Flame out



  • 2 x Vanilla beans (split) in secondary


  • 18C

Sources: Brewtoad, Homebrew Handbook, Key concept in water treatment, The complete Joy of Homebrewing, Beer & Brewer


Decided to try a step mash not that Gladfield Malt (fully modified) required it but more because I have been extremely unhappy with my mash results in the untrusty Crown Urn brew in a bag set up:

  1. Step 1: 30 mins @55 degrees Celsius
  2. Step 2: 30 mins @66 degrees Celsius
  3. Rest: 10 mins @66 C
  4. Step 4: Mash off @70C for 15 mins

Racking: to create a Siberian Tigress

Sun 16th March racked off 16L into a secondary fermenter and 5L into an Oak Barrel which had been presoaked with Victorian Muscat and was primed with 200g of Dark Belgium Candy Sugar. Upon tasting there was some nice roasted malt flavour and good body, hop tones and a mellow finish. My hope was this Tigress would be gentle but lethal just the same 🙂


Bulk primed 500ml of boiling water with 160g of dark brown sugar and bottled off the Siberian Tiger. The Tigress was bottled a week later with just 12 bottles of this lethal she cat that will benefit from extended bottle conditioning.


Been enjoying a few of these Tigers in May as the mercury drops and they are very morish 🙂 Have not tempted the Tigress but plan to showcase her in all her glory with a heavy lamb shank, rich red meat dish or a saucy chocolate dessert to round out her malty smooth character and muscat on oak charms. Just need to be careful as the Tigress will have a bite!