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The #WeFo Resistance Kolsch

Viva Le Resistance! What are we resisting? Everything except flavour and refreshment – let’s fight! Or brew 🙂

  • 1 Can Thomas Coopers Pilsener Malt Kit 1.7kg
  • 1 Kg Briess Dry Malt Pilsen Light
  • 150g crushed Pilsener malt
  • 150g crushed Wheat malt
  • 40g Hallertau hop pellets
  • Fermentis US-05 yeast

Mashed the crushed malt in a couple of litres of water around 75 degrees for 30 minutes.  Pitched the yeast in 300ml warm water for 30 mins.  Boiled 20g of the Hallertau for 10 minutes then turned off the heat adding the second 20g and leaving for a couple of minutes before adding the dry malt.

Filled the fermenter, pitched the yeast and took the hydrometer reading SG1040.

Sat 1 Sep Racked off @ 16 degrees Celsius, perfect! FG 1005. Beautiful sunny day outside spring in the air and popped 100g of fresh green 2012 Motueka Hop flowers 7.9% Alpha Acid

Bottled off the WeFo Resistance Kolsch on Sat 15th Sep and was demonstrating a nice cloudy wheat haze and strong aromatics from the Motueka hop flowers.  Nice light tasting beer with a fresh tannin bite that I expect to mellow after a couple of weeks bottle conditioning time.  Should be ready to enjoy on Grand Final Day Sat 29th Sept 2012.  Let’s hope the sun is shining and the WeFo Resistance fights off the winter greys and blues.

Fri 18 Oct good hoppy nose from the Motueka hops, banana bite still present but noticeable how the fresh fruitiness dissipates over time