Curing the world of beer poverty one good brew at a time is a lifetime’s work! We need the help of our wonderful customer’s brewing, trialling and testing and striving for an even better beer with each and every brew.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we sell and customer service so when someone takes the time to say “thank you” it makes our life worth living and reminds us there are so many awesome brewers out there making this world a better place with each and every brew – thanks, customers keep the testimonials coming – they help us strive even harder to serve you and help other customers join our little beer-volution.

I really appreciate your service. My beers have been working out really well, thanks to your business. I am only making single pilsener beers with NZ hops, refreshing, with no “modern” flavours.

You show great care for your customers as you do your products. It is a pleasure dealing with you.

Just wanted to say thanks once again for the help with the order. It arrived safely today.

Order turned up quickly as usual. You’ve provided great service, great product and been really helpful.

First time customer. Fresh product and customer service was second to none. Can’t wait to brew it up, so I can order some more. Thanks BeerCo. Keep it up.

I just wanted to let you know that I am a very happy customer. I’ve been brewing with the Gladfield malts that you supplied and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I am also very happy with the customer service I have received. Sometimes things don’t go exactly according to plan, but when that happens the difference between an average company and an excellent company becomes obvious. I am very happy that BeerCo falls in the excellent company category.

Very happy with BeerCo’s help on commercial and personal brewing needs. From having hard to find ingredients to quick delivery of goods, customer service is great with this company.

To be able to get all the grain (and help with some hops too!) for the beers I was making for my wedding made BeerCo a good go to. All three corny kegs blew on the big day, so everyone appreciated the beers, as much as I appreciated getting the ingredients I wanted for them. Also, on a commercial sense, it only took 24 hours for delivery of malt and hops ordered through BeerCo! So big thanks to Dermott and the team for their help on these orders.

I’d challenge any brewer to find better service and consistently quality products that those provided by Dermott at BeerCo. Dermott is passionate about homebrewing, loves (really loves) sharing his knowledge with other brew folk, and is always generous with his time.

Dermott has visited us in country Victoria on club night to fill our brains with hoppy malty yeasty knowledge. BeerCo and Dermott in particular are a great asset to the Australia brewing community and deserve your support.