Curing the world of beer poverty one good brew at a time is a lifetime’s work! We need the help of our wonderful customer’s brewing, trialling and testing and striving for an even better beer with each and every brew.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we sell and customer service so when someone takes the time to say “thank you” it makes our life worth living and reminds us there are so many awesome brewers out there making this world a better place with each and every brew – thanks, customers keep the testimonials coming – they help us strive even harder to serve you and help other customers join our little beer-volution.

This is my second order from BeerCo, and I’ve gotta say these guys have some of the lowest prices, the fastest shipping, and probably the best customer service i’ve ever experienced anywhere. Highly recommend them. Keep up the good work, fellas!


Hi BeerCo team
We have set up the Mill Master and completed the first mill and brews at our small craft brewery in Botswana.
Thanks for your determination and efficiency in getting this (very reasonably-priced) mill within such a tight deadline.
Hoping to do business again.
I’ve always found BeerCo to be very helpful and response to order placed timely and efficient.
It was a surprise to get a tracking message the other day on my recent order, which really put a smile on my  face knowing it’s on its way.
Thanks once again for your continued great customer relations and look forward to placing more orders in the near future


Thanks for the first class service and customer correspondence yet again. Always a pleasure to deal with BeerCo for any orders i place. Last brew day i wanted a Strong English Bitter ready to enjoy in time over Xmas. I was constantly having issues milling my grains using my old regular mill. It was becoming a nuisance every time so i decided to upgrade and purchase the Mill Master and the Mill Master hopper (sold separately). No comparison, hands down in a different league to my old mill. Cracked the grains with ease and no more hassles. Worth the expense, no going back. I also regularly use Gladfield malts and decided to try the new Shepherds Delight and Red Back malts along with others in the brew. Gave a nice red hue to the beer and the Shepherds Delight added a moorish chewy body with cola/caramel quality. Ideal for the bitter. As for the British Ale #2 by GigaYeast it cleared out brilliantly. Clarity is bang on and profile is clean. Although it did seem to stop short of my intended final gravity and had a fairly rigorous but short fermentation time.  Beer was a success and managed to enjoy a few over Xmas even though it was only in the bottle for 2 weeks. I’m sure it will develop and improve further in another few weeks time. Thanks again for the great products for all us home brewers.

Happy New Year,

Great store, excellent customer service. I made a mistake on my shipping order and was contacted that day to rectify.

Great selection of quality NZ products and next day delivery at the flat rate means its a no brainer, lost track how many times I have now ordered through Dermott and his team. Great stuff Guys!

I came across your site looking for Bavarian Mandarina hops (and then decided to get local ANZ grown varieties instead.
I am really excited to try out the Gladfield malts.  I have got 3 recipes to brew that are all slightly modified to use local ingredients.
Your selection of products is great, and some of the prices on sale items were too good to pass up.
Thanks for the great site – looking forward to my order!

Great service and fast delivery. Very impressed.

Shopping experience was perfect. No dramas there at all.

Will be making sure to use you guys again.


I believe that home brewers are demanding more variety and quality products to produce fine crafted beer.
BeerCo are at the front, offering products that are competitive on price, fast efficient service and offer products that are hard to find from your local home brew store.
Excellent customer service, genuinely helpful and nothing’s too hard.
Very quick delivery time, as always!

Amazing service, my order arrived at my front door at 2.30 pm on Thursday after I had placed it with you on Monday around 10.30 am.
We have relocated to Lawrence NSW (and we are now living just outside the Australia Post delivery zone) and I was somewhat apprehensive about just getting my order delivered.
I can’t recommend your service highly enough, the order was really well packed and had suffered no handling damage.  The order was even carefully carried into the house as I was tied up elsewhere at the time.
Well done guys, it’s really great to do business with people who obviously care for their customers.
Best regards

I’ve used BeerCo a number of times now and I can honestly say the service I’ve received has been second to none.
Dermott has taken the time to personally contact me regarding a product query and offered good advice.
That level of care and communication is hard to find in the industry in my experience.
Its nice to be able to source some top quality products, some of which are not widely available and I’ve always received my orders fresh and timely.
It’s reassuring when your liquid yeast arrives from interstate still cool and shows Beerco’s commitment to taking care to provide fresh ingredients.
Thanks team, keep up the outstanding work.

Dermott and crew are fantastic with customer service. They go above and beyond to make your shopping experience with BeerCo an unforgettable experience.

Hello, thank you for the timely arrival of my Mill Master and Hopper today, just in time for my birthday!



Good afternoon

I received the replacement lids today, I just want to thank you for such wonderful service and communication.

Thanks once again

Have a great weekend



Just got my order super happy, surprised how quick it arrived and how well packed it was, dry hopped an IPA with the simcoe and mosaic in an IPA thats been fermenting, loving the smell happy days 🙂

Thanks a lot

Was in a bit of a bind trying to find some NZ hops but super quick turnaround and next day postage was amazing.

You saved my brew day – thanks!

Great service, great product range and hops are freshhhh and well cared for.

Fantastic service. These guys are a class act. I even got a handwritten note with my milled grains. I won’t be getting my stuff elsewhere any more.

The quality of your malt extract is excellent and the customer service you provide is second to none. I really appreciate your prompt response to every query I have and I find your prices extremely competitive!

Amazing quality of products. Finally I found my one stop shop for my brewing!


I have been in the customer service industry for 10 years now, currently managing a contact centre in Adelaide and I can honestly say without question that the overall customer experience I have had with BeerCo is the best I have ever had with an online retailer – hands down. I strive on a daily basis to create an overall experience to our customers that you have seamlessly. Right from the easy to use website and reasonable range of products, to immediate email confirmations, exceptionally quick dispatch and receipt of goods, down to the personalised message in the box when I opened it. All of these things have left an outstanding perception of your business and something I have since recommended and raved about to several people both in the homebrewing scene and also from a best practice model to work colleagues. I heard about BeerCo from a good friend and very avid homebrewer who recommended and I can tell you now I have definitely found my new supplier of products moving forward in BeerCo.

Had a couple of issues ordering , rang up Dermott and can not praise the response enough. If this kind of service was the standard there would never be any complaints again. Can not recommend this company enough.Any product they sell I will be buying from them from now on Thanks Guys

Great first impressions

I was very impressed with BeerCo service for my first order.

It arrived at my door in less than 24 hours after placing it (and that was at 5 pm on a Monday afternoon).

The range of hops is great and well priced. The selection seems a bit more varied than other stores.

I’m looking forward to ordering more from BeerCo in the future. I just hope my brewing schedule can keep up!


I just wanted to email a HUGE thanks to you and your team at BeerCo.  The ordering process was super straightforward, the order was packed early the next day and tracking shipping was a breeze.

I was particularly impressed when I opened my parcel to find a handwritten note from Greg.  The note said that BeerCo was out of stock of the 100gm packets of Mandarina Bavaria that I ordered.  So you guys sent me 250gm!  Now THAT’S service!  Phenomenal work guys and you have well and truly won over a customer (plus his close brewing buddies).  I’ll definitely be shopping with you again.

The flat rate shipping is amazing and I love that you support your local freight company.

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of 2017 American Hops and been checking the US sites almost daily.  BUT I would much rather my money stay in Australia and go to you fine gents at BeerCo.

Thanks guys, really love your work.  I’m not usually a review type guy, but I couldn’t let this one go unsaid.



First time customer at BeerCo and so far I can’t fault the service!

Great pricing, great product range and fast processing, can’t really ask for much more than that.



Thanks for the personalised service.  Great service…well done.

As a first time shopper with you guys I say a huge thank you! I ordered on a business day in the morning and the following business day the order was delivered in the early afternoon. Great service from you guys and I will continue to shop with BeerCo!

You have a decent selection of hops and what I am focusing on – Aussie hops. Very reasonably priced too!

I first heard of BeerCo and Dermott at Good Beer Wheaty in Adelaide for a Gladfield Malt talk. I’ve since been using them for my grain, yeast and hop supplies. Dermott has been fantastic with his communication. With my first order he rang me as a new customer, asked how I found out about them and thanked me for my order. He ensures orders are fresh, so when ordering yeast, he won’t send it on a Friday to sit in ambient storage over the weekend. He’s very passionate about brewing and has been good for any questions I’ve had. The products have been of brilliant quality and his pricing is really competitive. I really couldn’t recommend BeerCo enough.

Cheers again

I’d challenge any brewer to find better service and consistently quality products that those provided by Dermott at BeerCo. Dermott is passionate about homebrewing, loves (really loves) sharing his knowledge with other brew folk, and is always generous with his time.

Dermott has visited us in country Victoria on club night to fill our brains with hoppy malty yeasty knowledge. BeerCo and Dermott in particular are a great asset to the Australia brewing community and deserve your support.

Very happy with BeerCo’s help on commercial and personal brewing needs. From having hard to find ingredients to quick delivery of goods, customer service is great with this company.

To be able to get all the grain (and help with some hops too!) for the beers I was making for my wedding made BeerCo a good go to. All three corny kegs blew on the big day, so everyone appreciated the beers, as much as I appreciated getting the ingredients I wanted for them. Also, on a commercial sense, it only took 24 hours for delivery of malt and hops ordered through BeerCo! So big thanks to Dermott and the team for their help on these orders.

I just wanted to let you know that I am a very happy customer. I’ve been brewing with the Gladfield malts that you supplied and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I am also very happy with the customer service I have received. Sometimes things don’t go exactly according to plan, but when that happens the difference between an average company and an excellent company becomes obvious. I am very happy that BeerCo falls in the excellent company category.

First time customer. Fresh product and customer service was second to none. Can’t wait to brew it up, so I can order some more. Thanks BeerCo. Keep it up.

Order turned up quickly as usual. You’ve provided great service, great product and been really helpful.

Just wanted to say thanks once again for the help with the order. It arrived safely today.

You show great care for your customers as you do your products. It is a pleasure dealing with you.

Thanks for your awesome customer service. It’s very refreshing to know customer service is still alive.

The Gladfield Malt selections is awesome and so is the GigaYeast!

I chose BeerCo because they had the best prices for the equipment I needed. As well as their pricing, I was also impressed by their customer service… I forgot to include something and when I called they fixed it up on the spot. Then to top it off the shipment arrived at my home in Sydney, less than 24 hours after ordering!



You do a great job mate.  Happy to support you where we can.




Thanks guys, less than 48 hours from order to delivery, and hand written note wishing me well on my brew… Above and beyond! Customer service like this is hard to beat… I look forward to shopping with you again.

Regards Wayne.

Awesome range of hops that can be very hard to find at your Local HBS – Check out the Enigma, Nelson Sauvin, Loral….. all very reasonably priced. Excellent service, package arrived very quickly and even with a hand-written “with compliments” slip which was a great personal touch – made me realise beerco.com.au isn’t just another big e-business, more a great home-brew store run by some cool guys that just happens to have a great website and superb customer service.

Just a note to thank Dermott for his friendly helpful service – BeerCo is a fantastic source of all things Gladfield, without doubt the best malts around. The delivery time was super fast and the flat rate awesome.

I’ve ordered several times from BeerCo and have always found them to have excellent service, fast and reasonably priced shipping and Dermott is very enthusiastic, friendly and a pleasure to deal with.  The one time that there was an issue with my order, it was swiftly resolved.  Very happy customer.  Cheers, Andrew (Stass Brewing)

I have just moved to Sydney and have found nothing comes close to the products I’m getting from BeerCo. The best part is the shipping cost is a flat rate. I have and will be buying all my ingredients from BeerCo. Cheers to great quick service.

Thank you for such a quick response!
Also, thank you for getting my order under way so quickly! You guys have amazing customer service.
Brewed my first beer this morning using Mill Master Grain Mill and Hopper from BeerCo and easily hit my targets. I am a happy man! Dermott was very helpful – will certainly use BeerCo in future.
Wow – you turned that around like greased lightning!
Thanks Dermott, looking forward to making some awesome brews with this.

I really appreciate your service. My beers have been working out really well, thanks to your business. I am only making single pilsener beers with NZ hops, refreshing, with no “modern” flavours.