Cascade AU Hops (Crop 2016)

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Cascade is a medium strength unique floral, citrus & spicy American aroma hop. Defines US Pale Ale style well-balanced bittering, good for dry hopping.



Cascade is an aroma hop of medium strength and high distinction.

She has a distinctive, dark green elongated cone and contains low levels of alpha acid. Hop Products Australia Cascades have proven their mettle in many fine Australian beers.

Cascade is characterised by a dark green elongated cone with an aroma that is of medium strength and very distinct.  Cascade is the definitive hop for American Pale Ale style with the most notable example being Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.


  • Type 90 Hop Pellets – 100 GM | 250 GM Foils


Cascade was developed in the USDA breeding program in Oregon and released as a U.S. aroma variety in 1972.  Open pollination of a Fuggle seedling, derived from Fuggle and Serebrianka

Brewing Usage & Character

Aroma.  Unique American floral character. Defines US Pale Ale style


Medium intense floral, citrus and grapefruit tones. Medium strength unique floral, citrus & spicy.

Hop Flavour Spectrum

Possible Substitutions

Typical Beer Styles

  • American Pale Ale

Technical Information

First commercial hop from the USDA-ARS breeding program; bred in 1956 and released in 1972


  • Storage Stability 48 – 52% alpha remaining after 6 months
  • Alpha Acids 4.5 – 7.0%
  • Beta Acids 4.5 – 7.0%
  • Co-Humulone 33 – 40%
  • Total Oil 0.8 – 1.5 mL / 100g
  • Myrcene 45 – 60% of total oil
  • Humulene 10 – 16% of total oil
  • Caryophyllene 3 – 6% of total oil
  • Farnesene 4 – 8% of total oil

General Trade Perception

An aroma variety with well-balanced bittering potential, good for dry hopping.

Craft Beer Examples

Beer Recipes / Kits:

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