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GigaYeast Berliner Blend GB122 is a blend of neutral ale yeast and lactic acid bacteria.  Use directly in a primary fermentation to make a crisp, sour beer!

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GigaYeast Berliner Blend GB122 is a blend of neutral ale yeast and lactic acid bacteria.  Use GB122 Berliner Blend GigaYeast directly in a primary fermentation to make a crisp, sour beer!

Recommended Temperature Range:

  • 21 C to 27C (70 F to 80 F)

Tasting Notes:

  • Sour with subtle ester character.  Creates the classic Berliner Weisse style–  sour with a hint of hops and malt.

10 days at 71 F in 1045 sweet wort, pH 5.6

Apparent Attenuation:

  • –89%


  • 4.8%

Final Ph:

  • 3.4 (100X acidification)
    1.2% lactic acid W/V

General Notes & Brewing Guidance:

Lactic Acid Bacteria are inhibited by hops, high gravity and low temperatures.

You can adjust sourness by increasing or decreasing these variables.

More than 7 IBU, gravity above 1050 or temps below 65 F will increase the time to sour or lead to reduced overall souring.

Warmer fermentation temps will typically increase the esters and spicy phenolics of the saison ale yeast in this blend.

Berliner Weisse BJCP Style Guidance 23A:


A regional specialty of Berlin; referred to by Napoleon’s troops in 1809 as “the Champagne of the North” due to its lively and elegant character. At one point, it was smoked and there used to be Märzen-strength (14 °P) version. Increasingly rare in German, but some American and Australian craft breweries now regularly produce the style.

Overall Impression:

A very pale, refreshing, low-alcohol German wheat beer with a clean lactic sourness and a very high carbonation level. A light bread dough malt flavor supports the sourness, which shouldn’t seem artificial. Any Brettanomyces funk is restrained.

Characteristic Ingredients:

Wheat malt content is typically 50% of the grist (as is tradition with all German wheat beers) with the remainder typically being Pilsner malt. A symbiotic fermentation with top-fermenting yeast and Lactobacillus (various strains) provides the sharp sourness, which may be enhanced by blending of beers of different ages during fermentation and by extended cool aging. Hop bitterness is non-existent. Decoction mashing with mash hopping is traditional. German brewing scientists believe that Brettanomyces is essential to get the correct flavor profile, but this character is never strong.

Style Comparison: Compared to a lambic, is generally not as acidic and has a clean lactic sourness with restrained to below sensory threshold funk. Also lower in alcohol content.

Vital Statistics:

  • OG:  1.028 – 1.032
  • FG:  1.003 – 1.006
  • IBUs:  3 – 8
  • SRM:  2 – 3
  • ABV:  2.8 – 3.8%

Commercial Examples:

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3 reviews for GB122 Berliner Blend GigaYeast

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Got one of these yeasts on special as it was past it’s best. I got some good advice from Jim from GigaYeast (via Dermott) about making a good starter for this type of yeast.
    Used a traditional 50/50 malt bill for my Berliner.
    The resulting fermentation was one of the most vigorous I’ve ever seen and the beer ended up being spot on.
    Will definitely be trying this one again.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I made a starter for the Berliner blend that was about 5months old and pitched it 25 hrs later. The fermentation went off like a rocket and the result was fermentation down to 1.001 – great lactic yeast blend !

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I used other yeast / lacto for my first Berliner and it was nowhere near what I was after. Second time around I used Gigayeast Berliner Blend with a 66/33 Pilsner/Wheat blend and like others have mentioned the fermentation was extremely vigorous, and after 2 months in primary the berliner was spot on to what I was after with a nice sharp and clean acidity with that bready maltiness that you want in a berliner.

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