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Idaho IPA – Can Your Brew It – Homebrew Recipe

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock somewhere outside the craft beer universe there has been a lot of talk about Hops and IPA of late and even more talk about a host of new experimental varieties hitting the market.  As brewers (home or pro), we are always searching for that next illusive hop […]

Takaka Pale Ale Pic

Takaka Pale Ale – Homebrew Recipe

Brewer & Author: Russell Smits (previous recipes kindly shared by Russell include El Humo Smokey Chilli Steam Beer) This recipe started out as an American Pale Ale, with all the ingredients being sourced from New Zealand. The hops initially were all from the Takaka region of NZ, but after some tweaks, and additions a few […]

Brown Dog Sick Racking

Sour Brown Dog – Oud Bruin – Flanders Brown Ale Recipe

Brew #2 on the Sours program and its time to brew up an Oud Bruin or Flanders Brown Ale recipe we have affectionately called the ‘sour brown dog’.  Another job for the Picobrew Zymatic which is fast becoming our go to machine for sours brewing as its a handy 10L batch size that works well […]