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Maineliner IPA

Maineliner – IPA – Homebrew Recipe – BeerCo

Everyone has a craft beer epiphany – yours could be sitting on the front or back deck with a Sundowner, or a Golden Ale at the pub or if you live somewhere near Maine in the US it might be an Epiphany from Foundation Brewing Company – a Maine IPA or a Maineliner as we […]


Zappa Sour Peach Ale – BeerCo

Frank Zappa once sang about “sitting on the beaches looking at the peaches”…  Whilst, there was no sitting on the beaches looking at the peaches here, there was a lot of sitting on the back deck watching the peaches grow in the garden and thinking of ways to incorporate the bounty of the home orchard […]

Brexit English Bitter Ale

Brexit – English Bitter Ale – Homebrew Recipe

England’s Bitter – she wants out of the EU and we all love a bitter british ale so why not brew something quintessentially british old boy like an English Bitter Ale to celebrate the Russian mayor of London, Boris calling on his fellow Brit’s to dessert the Eurozone and once again reign supreme as Great […]